My name is Griffin Whittredge, an Enginerd by trade and a tinkerer by hobby. The design and application of all sorts of crazy, unique machines has interested me for years. I love seeing innovative design, and creating those designs myself. This website will serve as a place for me to post all my crazy contraptions, projects and generally what I do in my free time.


Some of my bigger projects:


Some of my smaller projects:


Okay, a little background about myself:

I was a club member in the Botball Robotics team during my 4 years in high school, and enjoyed the thorough nature of the competition. Teams are tasked each year with designing completely autonomous robots that can navigate the course and complete objectives like sorting colored pom-poms, stacking solo cups and more. Teams are also required to document the design process, keep track of scheduling and manage construction and programming of their robots. Overall, this club participation sparked a passion for robotics, and inspired me to pursue engineering as a career.

Over the next five years I attended Wentworth Institute of Technology for a BS in Electromechanical Engineering and a minor in Applied Mathematics. Several projects were completed as course requirements, some of which ended up on this site. These posts can be found with the tag “WIT”. In the free time that I had during courses and primarily over the breaks and during Co-Op, I worked on many different projects. Robotics has fascinated me, and so much of the focus has been on robotic systems. A remote control car, a remote control scale attack robot, and a huge 3D printer to name the big ones.

I enjoy fabrication, through many different means, and love exploring the different methods available.