Yearly Archives: 2015

I always thought swords were kinda neat. But, what’s cooler than a sword? One that you made yourself, that looks awesome! This was a ton of work, but totally worth it in the end. This project started with a trip to King Richard’s Faire, where among other memorabilia, you could […]

Custom Sword

Attending Anime Boston one year, a friend decided to cosplay Arietty from Studio Ghibli’s The Secret World of Arietty. An awesome animated film taking concepts from the Borrowers. In order to pull off a convincing Arietty, several props were made between myself and my friend. -The Pin I was responsible […]

Secret World of Arietty Props

One more thing off the bucket list, now I’ve tried forging. Lemme tell you, it’s a whole lot more work than it seems like in films. Guess I shoulda figured that one out though. Either way, it was a ton of fun, and given the time I will pull out […]

Brake Drum Forge

Playing with high voltage and stored charges? Oh boy! What fun! But first, you need a machine capable of generating a high voltage. That’s what this project focused on, is making a generator capable of producing a very high voltage. Electrostatic generators use moving plates and brushes to create a […]

Wimshurst Electrostatic Generator