Blue Rose Prop

Blue rose is a prop from Devil May Cry 4, a neat video game. At the end of high school, a friend wanted a prop from the Devil May Cry 4 video game. Blue Rose, a named gun that the character Nero used. In order to quickly make a prop, I started with a Nerf Maverick, and cut it up to get the pieces that I would need to produce a good looking replica. Sadly, the cuts that were made would not allow the original Nerf internals to fit back inside of the prop, preventing it from being a functional replica.




From there, the pieces were all re-attached to each other, and a new barrel was added on. Thus, the overall look of the blaster was completed, and just needed a paint job.

DSCN2862 DSCN2861

The final product came out with a decent likeness to the actual model, and my friend was very happy with the final product.