Bonsai is the art of perfectly replicating a scaled down version of nature, capturing the full beauty of the world. This project aimed to perfectly recreate the exact reverse process that allows most life on earth to function through the application of modern technological advances. The careful selection of parts […]

Reverse Photosynthesis Machine

A friend of mine and I worked together one summer to make a replica of Daft Punk’s Thomas helmet. But, we decided to go all out, and make a mold so that we could reproduce them, as many as we wanted. So, we decided to make a mold and cast […]

Daft Punk Helmets

After buying a nice pair of bluetooth headphones, the related products pages suggested stands. The price tag of these stands, combined with some free time meant that I made my own headphone stand. Starting with a sketch, and the intention of making it entirely from acrylic sheet that I had […]

Headphone Stand

I always thought swords were kinda neat. But, what’s cooler than a sword? One that you made yourself, that looks awesome! This was a ton of work, but totally worth it in the end. This project started with a trip to King Richard’s Faire, where among other memorabilia, you could […]

Custom Sword

Attending Anime Boston one year, a friend decided to cosplay Arietty from Studio Ghibli’s The Secret World of Arietty. An awesome animated film taking concepts from the Borrowers. In order to pull off a convincing Arietty, several props were made between myself and my friend. -The Pin I was responsible […]

Secret World of Arietty Props

One more thing off the bucket list, now I’ve tried forging. Lemme tell you, it’s a whole lot more work than it seems like in films. Guess I shoulda figured that one out though. Either way, it was a ton of fun, and given the time I will pull out […]

Brake Drum Forge

Playing with high voltage and stored charges? Oh boy! What fun! But first, you need a machine capable of generating a high voltage. That’s what this project focused on, is making a generator capable of producing a very high voltage. Electrostatic generators use moving plates and brushes to create a […]

Wimshurst Electrostatic Generator